The six relentless Arab women behind Unootha.

FOUNDER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Fatima Al Jarman loves to write and illustrate. You may find her on Instagram and Twitter.

ARABIC EDITOR + STAFF WRITER: Shayma is a 15-year-old high school student based in the United Arab Emirates. She finds the concepts of the universe and writing very fascinating as she aspires to major in astrophysics, with a creative writing minor. She is also passionate about human rights and activism and is hoping to be involved in humanitarian work in the future. You can find her on Instagram here

PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR: Sarah Al Nuaimi is an Emirati artist who is effortlessly inspired by her surroundings. She enjoys the thrill in creating visuals through movement, and seeing how one would respond to her work. Sarah is fond of the challenges that content delivery brings and is always looking for new ideas that could take social media by storm. She is also the owner of photography company where beauty is seen in its wild moments.

LIFE EDITOR: Halima Zaghbib is an 18-year-old Engineering student from Algiers, Algeria. Besides her love for her field of studies, she is very passionate about empowering the youth and women through writing, which she lusts over. You can find her personally on Instagram here, and her writing here.

ART EDITOR: Kamélia Bourahla is a 19-year-old Business school student from Algeria. She’s an aspiring writer, having fallen in love with books & arts at a very young age.

STAFF WRITER: Nouf AlJahdami is an Emirati creative based in Dubai. Her work expands from theoretical research to essays and art pieces of various mediums. Her prime exploration is within topics of identity, spirituality, culture and developmental politics from the Middle east and Africa for the Western world. You can find her on Instagram.