One of  Unootha’s biggest aims is to create a safe space and platform for all Arab womxn to express themselves in whatever manner that they please. Nothing is off-limits and no form is not accepted! However, as we are a platform that strongly disagrees with any form of hatred and intolerance, any work that presents that will be immediately rejected. 

We accept everything, including but not limited to:

    • Writing (articles, essays, prose, poetry, etc.)
    • Photography
    • Art (fanart, paintings, graphics, pottery, sculptures, etc.)
    • Recipes
    • Music mixes
    • Fashion & make-up (tips, tutorials, etc.)
    • Reviews – the good, the bad & the ugly! (books, film, items, services, etc.)
    • Recommendations (books, film, items, services, etc.)
    • Videos (singing, make-up, look-books, opinions, spoken words, short films, etc.)

If you have something, anything, you want to share, submit it! We’d love to publish it. 

Details of submissions

Please keep in mind that all submissions are completely voluntary and no commission will be provided for the submission.

If we feel that your submission does not fit the atmosphere we are trying to create, then there is a possibility we might reject your submission, but of course, you are always welcome to submit once more.

There are no limits to how many times or when you can submit; submissions are open for anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

We will also implement a monthly-ish ‘theme’ system, where each month, we will be seeking a specific theme of submissions. Your submissions are more likely to be prioritised if they include the theme in any way. 

*Submissions are only accepted from those who identify as Middle Eastern or North African, and not male. All work must be previously unpublished.


Excellent choice.

We are currently accepting submissions through our email:


Subject line: Submission 

We’d prefer your work to be attached to the email. In the body text, include your name, age, and a short bio of yourself. You may even include your social media, which will be published along with your submission. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your name or specific details, then you may use your pseudonym or request to be published anonymously. Make sure you specify what theme your piece was inspired by. 


Again, excellent choice. Please give us some time to review your submission thoroughly. You will be notified if your piece of will be officially published or not within a week or two of your submission.