Instastory FAQ


Hey you! We can’t wait to have you take over our Instagram story!

Here are some FAQ on taking over the story.


Why did you pick me to take over your Story?

There are some amazing Middle Eastern and North African women out there, doing some amazing creative work, and we think that you’re one of them. Your work has caught our eye and we’d like to introduce you to our community. If you’re up for it, awesome! If not, take it as a compliment – you’re great and we might have a little bit of a crush on the things you do.

When will the takeover be?

Typically, we invite one guest to take over the story per week, and we can work with you on the specific date. If you’re doing something interesting, attending a cool event, or have plenty of time “in the zone” on a certain day, you’ll have plenty to show and talk about.

How do I post the photos and videos, and answer replies to the story?

In order to keep our account secure, we ask those who take over our story to send us the photos and videos via Whatsapp or email for us to post for them. You’ll be able to add any details you’d like, especially if you want to tag someone or use an Instagram feature like the questions sticker. We’ll work closely with you to make sure the Story looks exactly as you want it to.

As for replies, we can talk about how you’d like to do that – do you want to reply to every comment and compliment, or would you rather we take care of that? Do you only want to reply to questions? It’s up to you.

How long will the takeover be?

Story takeovers are typically one day long, with some exceptions. If you’re attending a 3-day art festival for example, we would love to see your adventures on all three days. Let us know if this is the case.

What should I show?

We have no specifics on what you should share, but we believe the best way to show our community your amazing self is to take them through a day in your life. What are you up to? What’s going on where you are? Do you have a work-in-progress you’d like to share? How does your work align with Unootha’s goal to shine a spotlight on MENA womxn’s creative work? Be creative with it, and show what you think would be interesting to see.

What do you need from me before we start?

A few photos of you or your work and the way you’d like your name spelled, for announcements on our social media.

Thank you! We can’t wait to schedule you in.