Tajmeel” tackles the normalization of plastic surgery in the region, particularly in Kuwait. In these images, the juxtaposition of a conservative, nationalistic identity with a new consumerist, hyper-sexualized ideal is being illustrated. The effect of social media on our ideals of beauty and our relationship to ourselves is illustrated as well.

Plastic Beauty.

Daily Plastic.

The collection illustrates the modern Kuwaiti woman engaging in a variety of consumer-based activities, always with a frown. Derived from daily life examples, does following this lifestyle ensure happiness? I highly doubt it!

Kuwaiti Dream.


Plastic Yogi.

Plastic Spirituality.

These two pieces illustrate “plastic spirituality”; the surreal appearance of women stuffed with silicone from head to two trying to reach a spiritual high while drenched in consumerism.

Dana Al Rashid is a writer and poet from Kuwait. She writes in Al Jarida newspaper and has also published a few English articles in Kuwait Times newspaper. She published a poetry book last year under the same name as her blog: “Reflecting Moon.” In her blog, more intimate poetry and articles can be found. You can read more of her work here


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