August 2019: BODIES

In its sixth issue, Unootha urges creatives to use their mediums of self-expression to discuss the symbol of bodies, to be raw and honest. The following bodies of work do just that, exploring different notions, from sexuality and intimacy as well as our region’s beauty standards and the damage they may have.

This issue also marks Unootha’s first year as a magazine and publication.


Fatima: A Letter from the Editor


Sahar Ghorishi: How Sahar Ghorishi is Challenging Iranian Beauty Standards.

Shukriya: Shukriya’s Changing the Game. Here’s how.


Anonymous: Deciphering the Language of Gibran

Anonymous: Blossoming

Raghda: Prohibited Pleasure

Dana Al Rashid: Body Love

Manal Aldabbagh: Body

N. Alsager: Our War Within

Fiction + Poetry


Anonymous: She, An Angel 



Mawadah: If Only I Were An Ant 

Marwa Alqatari: An Open Faucet

Jood AlThukair: Continuum 

Alia Al Shamsi: My Sister’s Waist


Rouda Al Darmaki: Hourglass

Maryam Jamal: would you wear someone else’s body? 

Maryam: Reframing Borders

Anonymous: Damage by Society

Dana Al Rashid: Tajmeel 

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