The color of life

The shade of all wounds

It blackens into sorrow

As the sad moon fades away

The ripeness of an apple

The grounding of the reefs

The thread that ties me

To the very first woman

Ancestral blood

The sign of the times

The culmination; the harvest

Drops of ruby

All flushed down the toilet

The flushing of my face

There’s a moon inside me

A fate knitting machine

I wax and I wane

In the ebb and flow of time

A story teller, an Oracle;

A second heart

The bottomless pit

Of a deep dark well

Primordial waters

Stir within

Dana Al Rashid is a writer and artist from Kuwait. She writes in Al Jarida newspaper and has also published English poems and articles in various magazines, often times illustrated. In her blog: “Reflecting Moon”, more intimate poetry and articles can be found.  You can find her on Instagram.

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