In May’s issue, Unootha explores the notion of periods, the theme chosen for the stigma that surrounds conversations about them. Through the issue, Unootha aims to incentivize the normalization of discussions about menstrual health on a wider, and perhaps educational, scale.

Cover art by Dana Al Rashid.



Zainab Alradhi: Niswa


Aysha: The Ads Lied

Dana Al Rashid: Moon Cycle

Kamélia Bourahla: Tous en Rouge

Anonymous: A Flower

Lana Barakeh: Re: Personal Hygiene

Fiction + Poetry

Mawadah: Thy Period

Dana Al Rashid: Red

N.R.: Dear period,


Dana Al Rashid: The Sacred Cycle

Malak Altaeb: The Period Talk

Esraa Husain: The Forbidden Grey Area

Maryam Al Shawab: Guiding Pains: How cramps taught me to love being a woman

Shayma: Period Platforms You Should Check Out

Fajer Taqi: Once Upon a Full Moon

Nouf AlJahdami: VAV (Virtual Arab Vagina)

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