Why do we Fail at Keeping our Resolutions?

The phrase “New year, new me” is perhaps the most famous phrase that resonates throughout the course of every starting year. Ultimately, it does not reflect a bad thing. As humans we aspire to better ourselves; we tend to succumb to influences like the environment, friends or social media. The last example in particular acts as a motor that pushes people to pine after ways of self-improvement through things like eating healthy, practising sports, traveling and feeding the mind. Following these various steps on one’s life could lead them to think positively and believe they are on the right path to become the sought after better version of themselves.

Setting goals and objectives has naught to do with wrong and yet many of these so called resolutions fail. Why does this happen? From my personal experience, I have seen that it is  due to two major factors: impatience and poor choice.

The heavy influence of social media and the entourage mentioned above can lead to a loose knot when tying one’s resolution. Some of us create a resolution based on what a person or society is telling you to change. The importance of wise choice, of choosing what one’s heart beats for and loves, allows us to accomplish them eagerly and drives our motivation.

The best way to do so is to link a goal with an already existing habit. Continuously working on previous tasks is an effective way to not only remain focused on the work at hand but also turn out the differences made into slightly more acceptable bargains. If I may speak for my own self, I had given up on reading and writing for personal reasons a few years back but am now willing to get back into them. It is definitely working for me simply because it was within my nature.

When it comes to picking new habits things are a little more complex. I, for one, am no big fan of sports as many others that aspire to reach the healthy lifestyles promoted on social platforms, so I chose to undergo small actions, tackling each one at a time. My end goal won’t magically be there for me when I wake up: it requires both dedication and time.

We have to understand that we won’t become different people overnight and that that whole concept is wrongfully infused into our minds. It is not about being different but about being better. Although resolutions are a good positive reminder, the need to be better should be sought after continuously and not only awaited for the start of each year. If there is anything worth achieving we should simply go for it, while being reasonable to ourselves and gentle if difficulties arise. Be kind,be patient, focus on the work ahead and learn as much as you possibly can. The rest will come at ease.

As a student in business school, I took a took a course, and one of its chapters was about objectives and goals. We used the acronym “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound.  The way an enterprise is guaranteed success is by ensuring its objectives are well-marked and defined for it to realize it. This perhaps is one of the best methods to apply in order to reach one’s goals. If it works on  million dollar companies, then, with a little tweaking, it would work on one’s self as well.

Kamélia Bourahla is a 19-year-old Business school student from Algeria. She’s an aspiring writer, having fallen in love with books & arts at a very young age. She is also Unootha’s Art Editor.

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