Sometimes we get overwhelmed looking at the future, it seems grey, difficult, tired some. Making decisions all the time and trying to always make the right decision is very challenging. 

The way I see it you should forgive yourself every night if you have found yourself to be wrong, to have made a mistake. Forgive yourself and re-start again tomorrow, make it better, fix the problem, forgive yourself and keep going!

For this piece, I always feel like a new year brings new opportunities and I also feel like the older I get the wiser I am. It makes me proud to advance in “time” – the figure pictured in this piece is looking ahead to a brighter future, a chance for renewal, a chance to do everything they’ve done before, again, but this time better! 

Renewal, 2019 Orgiva 

ink, watercolour, hand pressed print on cartridge

Dar Al Naim is a prolific and impulsive young Sudanese artist. The work she creates demonstrates a dynamic look into her nomadic, afropolitan and diasporic way of life. Her compulsive need to produce shows in her extensive body of work and the multiple subjects she is continually researching. Both her colorful illustrations, paintings, textile work, prints and her black and white ink drawings alike are detailed, obsessive, free and full of Sudanese cultural and symbolic connotations.


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