New Spring

at the arrival of this new spring

a body disintegrates

to rise, yet again

with a newfound strength

I cut off the roots that anchor me to the ground

and pluck my wilting lashes

i dip my fingertips in raw honey

and inhale the profound splendour it offers

my limbs sunder


and fall

as I shed the layer of bristles that stubbornly grow on my skin

this organ beating inside of me

the size of my clenched fist

this festering wound

is replaced

with a sphere of light

with the hope that there is harmony in sight

a melodious tune starts to play in my mind

as I twirl graciously around surrounding rubble I find

I cup the abundance of blues

and toss them into a silk portal that travels to the Mediterranean

stolen hues, and all colours I see

make their way home ever so gracefully

today I let spontaneity engulf me

as I immerse myself in the sheer loveliness of present moments

a pair of lungs

rise and fall

to its eternal summer dwelling, it augments its calls

my eyes depart their abode

and begin their orbit around a new sun

I am my own guardian angel

a lullaby that is sung

there’s beauty in the croak of my voice

in the untidiness of my hair

the resonance of my name

as I utter my thankful prayers

today marks a shift in time

a step away from despair

today I liberate myself from borders of confinement

and look forward to the days I have yet to spare

The writer of this piece has requested to remain anonymous.

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