My mixed media artworks are consecutive representing of what I feel as an artist in a multi-cultural diaspora inspired by my identity, culture, personal life, childhood memories and gender-oriented experiences.

Old photographs are the fundamental essence of my featured artwork in their background, overlaid by painted symbols and motifs from Iranian and Islamic art of the 16th to 19th centuries, an attempt for challenging their viewers to face the unknown, far bygones of unfamiliar motifs, patterns and symbols in exploration of slight but priceless familiarities beyond the present.

I tend to exercise audience visions with depicting an exotic world bridged across a retrospective heritage and the present conventions, perhaps a persistent pursuit of the building blocks of my future, pursuit of a Resolution!

Ozra, from photo manipulation series, 2018

I am pregnant with two Jackals, mixed media on canvas, 28×35 cm

Untitled, from photo manipulation series, 2018

My Body Is A Battleground, Mixed Media on watercolour paper, 1825 cm, 2018

Maliheh Zafarnezhad, Crows’ Pass, Mixed media on canvas,40×40 cm, 2018

Untitled, from HER series, Acrylic and image transfer on canvas, 3040 cm, 2018

Maliheh (Mali) Zafarnezhad is a practiced Irish-Iranian artist in Fine Art, Painting and Mixed Media with more than a decade dedicated experience, a resident of Arts Gateway MK (Art Central), and hold M.A. academic degree in History of Art and Architecture.

Having worked and lived in different countries (Ireland, Germany, Iran, UK), She has been exposed to diverse art, cultural and professional communities during her academic career, school teaching, art exhibiting, and as gallery assistant, curator, filmmaker, editor and graphic designer, such as in the Dublin National College of Art & Design, University of Limerick, The Occupy Spacy Gallery in Ireland, and Art Central MK.

She has spent most of her life in a country that she was forced to navigate a web of restrictions, imposed by law and custom as a woman. Hence, most of her artworks are dominated by portrait of women filled with thought provoking messages about love, feelings, loyalty, obligation and social issues.

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