A Millennial Survival Guide #2 – Reflections on Time

“New year, new me!”… or is it? Every year we collectively re-establish our resolutions hoping that the new year would beckon a newer and positive experience. Possibly all of the people who ever said that are those that have described their year as uneventful and partially disappointing. Most people I know claim that they have had a tough year.

What I mostly focused on in that regard is the consistent letdown people reproduce in their subconscious of their experiences. I, for myself, in 2018, urged myself to rewire and think differently in every situation – good or bad. The calamity in this is that people are waiting for the positive to happen to them and an even greater calamity is the manifestation of negative habitual thoughts.

I was on Instagram following a feed by Noor Azzoony – a Saudi spiritual guide – and the next thing I knew I was gobsmacked. Focus with me here. He said with great emphasis:

Our words and thoughts manifest themselves. Much of why things happen to us with great disappointment are those that we have subconsciously manifested, whether it was intentional or not intentional. The fact that we created a notion of possibility for any idea in our head, has a probable chance of it happening.

This reaffirms much of what self-help books preach, “your inner world creates your experiences”. For this, he shares tools that you will find on his Instagram page and podcast.

The manifestation of my newly found affirmations has been magical. It allowed me to be brave, to take calculated risks that would align me to my intuition. The hardest lesson I had to learn was that I needed to give myself 50 percent control over my goals and ambitions. The rest are divine events that would allow me to flow in through for the 100. There was no point of fighting and there was no point in proving my worth.

Nouf AlJahdami is an Emirati creative based in Dubai. Her work expands from theoretical research to essays and art pieces of various mediums. Her prime exploration is within topics of identity, spirituality, culture and developmental politics from the Middle east and Africa for the Western world. You can find her on instagram here

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