Ideal all the time, I am unable to be

Perfect around the clock, the ticks and the tocks disagree 

I had this static image of myself

Of no foul

Of no mistakes

I have breathing space for wrong

I am allowed to break when my body is too broken to contain

I am not made to be a perfectly shaped box shipped for convenience

I have the power to leave if you steal the cloud that protects me

I will give forgiveness until I’m misplaced 

Only because I am made of the sky 

From high up, I kill with kindness, and leave 

I will not apologize for not having enough ammunition 

I can’t reload instantly 

I will hold hands with time 

Let it calm the crashing blood within my veins  

It’s okay if my heart skips a few beats and my mind is overworked 

The sea stays calm after the storm

I will write prose and poetry that are capable of soothing my inner workings

I will destroy the demons

That are jealous of me

With rising above 

I am only humane stardust 

I am flying

I am also beat down

I am made of Adam and Eve 

They were bound to fault 

It’s how they were risen from the thorns to the throne 

This is how I wish to be

I am elevated with light 

Peace tends to me gently

I will call existence and tell it to comply with me 

Always loving endlessly 

I grow flowers

Some ugly and some beautiful

black and white 

Though they will be of mesmerizing colors

I protect the flowers on my body 

With feeding them words of love and life

My flowers are mine and no one else’s

They gently place me in alternate universes uncreated

Through soul traveling; my world is a gift to me

I am the girl with the halo sitting on a bunch of thorns

I make the moon smile at me 

The moon whispers: this is life forevermore, my love 

I am everything that builds up to bliss, this is how I wish to be 

Zeina Jhaish is a 19-year-old Palestinian-Canadian English Education student. Zeina writes for Kuwait Poets Society and Muslim Girl and the occasional magazine. She enjoys writing poetry, prose, and news stories. She is passionate about activism in politics and trying to make a change in the world through her art with words.

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