Silver Linings


Let your pain

come to the surface. Allow it

to breathe the air and see

that it has no place within.



This heaviness in my heart

was that of healing; it’s the

weight of a burden lifted.



Let go of those memories

by framing them, and hanging

them off the walls you’re about

to break down



My screams

were loud, and sounded like grief

mixed with the relief of a breakthrough

heart song;


My hardships, and relationships

have shown me just how resilient I could be

So no I will not kneel and neither will my

broken pieces

renaissance II;


There is so much comfort

in silence that you would

only feel once your ego is




You will gently fold, and unfold

and notice where the wounds

have healed and where the

scars have disappeared

time, and time again

Jeilan is an empath that shares her wisdom through sarcasm, a girl who you can always find eating, and a paradox in disguise. People call her weird, but that’s just everyone she knows.

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