Pain Is My Friend

Pain is my companion

Pain is my friend

What eyes it can open,

What ears it can lend!

Pain is inspiration,

Pain is my muse

I take out my heartache

And put it to use

Pain is the compost

In which flowers grow

In hurt there is insight

But little do we know!

Pain is the catalyst

That makes souls unfold

Pain is the alchemist

That turns lead into gold

Pain is the poison

Pain is the cure

It is divine water

That washes hearts pure

In pain there is wisdom

For those who can see

Pain kills expectations

And in so sets you free

It is the face of the Lord you don’t wish to see

It is the guardian that holds the key

So go ahead and shake hands with your pain

You shall realize there’s no suffering in vain

Pain is my companion

Pain is my friend

What hearts it tears open,

What souls it can mend!

Dana Al Rashid is a writer and poet from Kuwait. She writes in Al Jarida newspaper and has also published a few English articles in Kuwait Times newspaper. She published a poetry book last year under the same name as her blog: “Reflecting Moon.” In her blog, more intimate poetry and articles can be found. You can read more of her work here


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