Gift of Healing

I am a 20-year old, young adult with a passion for cross stitching, a form of embroidery where x shaped stitches are made to form a pattern. My exploration into this new hobby started at the age of 11; I was fascinated and intrigued by how something so simple as thread can turn into such exquisite masterpieces. This year is when my work truly started to become recognized more on social media.

Women are complex, enigmatic and soft beings. Only a woman can understand the true meaning of being one. Being a young woman in the 21th century means you must be capable of unconditionally loving yourself and not be hurt by the standards that have been put for us. 


We easily become consumed with vanity and spend hours in front of a mirror trying to paint on an image of adequate beauty that doesn’t exist. I cannot emphasize on how important it is that we teach our young girls the art of loving and accepting ourselves as we are. We must plant seeds of confidence in their hearts and help them nurture it. 

You’re different and you’re one of a kind – that is what makes you special. 

It’s about time we hold on to each others hands and support one another. We are the women of this world and we shall not let anyone make us feel any less than that. We’re strong, intelligent and beautiful. Society standards shall no longer define us. 


Amal Al Harthi is a 20-year-old student at the United Arab Emirates University taking up a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering. She is a young adult with a passion for cross stitching, a form of embroidery. She was captivated by how something as basic as a thread can turn into beautiful artwork. Amal has recently launched her business, Amalxstitch, where she sells some of her pieces and make custom ones upon customers’ request. 

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