All Things Kind


The realisation that someone who was once a cornerstone of a beautiful dream, a palpable future, is now gone.

In a moment, everything crumbles. Love and hope rush out of your heart, leaving a vacuum, a void that asks to be filled, as does any space devoid of matter.

Strength in that moment is most crucial. As anger, bitterness, envy and self doubt rush into you, invading the space once held by your love, you find yourself turning into those who wronged you.

So please, fill your heart with all things kind. Pain might leave it empty, but no void stays that way for long. And know this, the intensity of your heartbreak is but proof that you are capable of so much love.

Nora A. Zeid. 21. An Egyptian illustrator and designer based in Dubai. Although her ultimate dream is to become a professor, she is currently working as a graphic designer. In her free time, Nora enjoy attending concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events around the city. You’ll always find her there with a sketchbook and pencil in hand. 

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