Our lives swing between days where everything goes utterly wrong, and days when everything falls into place. Anxiety lies in between those days. Feeling this constant tug at the bottom of your heart. The words once woven with grace and intelligence now tremble. Your eyes are observant now, they’re louder than your voice will ever be. Self doubt seeps into your skin, and travels around your body like a cancerous tumor. In between the days you have spent deciphering the language your body speaks, depression knocks on your door. But you open it. Welcoming. Depression disguises itself in the most brilliant shades of blues and greens. It succeeds at concealing itself amid smiles you offer, smiles once worn tenderly. Slowly, you slip away into the empty spaces of words and hide and hide and hide. At one point, I was nothing but a living corpse devoid of emotion. 

The healing started the day everything fell into place. The roof of my home is made out of resilience and holding them up are pillars of strength. Within the intricate patterns of my carpet, courage has been sown. In my garden I grow kindness, and flowers of compassion bloom with effortless beauty. Sun rays stream into my window cleansing all traces of sorrow, radiating grace and only grace. The walls are painted yellow, the color of bliss. 

I am building myself,

over again.

You will learn how to build yourself,

all over again.

Shayma is a 15-year-old high school student based in the United Arab Emirates. She finds the concepts of the universe and writing very fascinating as she aspires to major in astrophysics with a creative writing minor. She is also passionate about human rights and activism, and hopes to be involved in humanitarian work in the future. Shayma is also a staff writer at Unootha. 

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