mental health (1)

Every living person on this planet has their own unique pair of eyes. Each their own universe. When I had first picked up a camera, I realized that it was designed exactly like the human eye, taking in light through a lens, and forming it into images. I began taking countless pictures, and focusing on the eyes as much as I possibly could. Covering the eyes completes the concept of mental health by having the audience focus more on the idea that we are going for: bringing alertness towards serious issues as social media tends to hide all that.

Sarah Al Nuaimi, Photography Editor 



make me a martyr anonymous

Lost Rahma Waleed

Cloaks and Impurities Hawra’a Khalfan

Power Fajer Taqi

I Wish Peace Shamma Alnaqbi

forget the words Rawa Majdi

Orange Blossom Zuhoor Al Sayegh

Air to Breathe. Fatima Falath


Breakfast in July Esraa Husain

Ten Letters Halima Zaghbib


Stigma Against Mental Illnesses in the Middle East Shaikha

A Letter from Cancer Anonymous 

Stop Romanticizing… Kamélia Bourahla

My Fake Reality: Experiencing Depersonalization Anonymous 

Not A Dream but Something Close To It Shams A. 

Reassessing Relationships with Our Mothers Nouf AlJahdami 

Recovery Shayma 

Identity Abrar 

The Life-changing Act of Being Present Nouf AlJahdami

A Disclosure to be Heard Kamélia Bourahla



Made of Water, Stardust & Unfinished Paintings Shifaa Sultan

HER OCEAN Salma Nassar

Nevertheless, She Persisted Mahra Al Raisi 

vividly colored Hana Kanee 

Inside Out Reem Tombokti

Never Enough Zainab 

Herutā Sukerutā Maryam Jamal 


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