Does passion lead to success?

In the last century, we witnessed the great “emancipation” of Arab women. Some of them were finally given the right to drive, to vote, to learn, and even to simply walk outside alone. Those rights that seem primitive too many of us are also the ones that many women across the Arab world have fought for relentlessly for years now, and there’s still much left to accomplish.

Many of you might have an explanation to why this emancipation finally occurred now; it could be because of globalization, spread of western ideas to the Arab world, the free and easy access to information, access to education, the feminist movement around the world…

But let me give you my explanation. I would say it is all about PASSION. It’s about the passion these women have for life and freedom.

Passion is the birthplace of creativity, strength and strong willingness. Once we are passionate enough about something or any idea, we will then find the power to cross the path that leads us to our goals and dreams. I believe there is something special about passion; it is a powerful tool that you carry inside of you. So by the end of the day they can put you in a jail and take away your freedom, take away your pen, the tool you express your ideas with, they can take away your family, your house, your land… But what they cannot take away from you is your passion. And as long as you are carrying it in every project you realise, in every idea you defend, it will, and always will, lead you to infinite success.

To end with, my dear, I know the journey will be long and hard and full of people who will try to put you down and break your hopes and beliefs. I will advise you not to pack any arms or the like, just pack a bag full of passion: it will keep you safe till your final destination.

The writer of this article has requested to remain anonymous.

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