The Emotion Series

I call this series of paintings The Emotion Series. It was the first (and only) series of paintings I’ve ever done. If someone asked me to choose my favorite piece of art, I wouldn’t be able to. However, The Emotion Series is the most meaningful to me. This series contains three different pieces: Empty, Insecure, and Done.


They all have their own intricate meanings, which I’ve kept personal and never shared with anyone. I prefer to let people interpret their own meaning, instead of forcing one upon them.


What I love about these paintings is that it can mean whatever people want it to mean, depending on their own mindset and way of thinking. I believe that the interpretations people come up with for these paintings goes back to what they’ve been through, the experiences that made them who they are. In a fascinating way, these paintings can have radically different, yet significant meanings from person to person.


Mariam is an 18-year-old from the UAE, a lover of art, photography, reading and movies. Her favourite movies are those by Marvel and Disney. She started pursuing art seriously 2 years ago, and has practiced fervently to improve. You can find her on instagram here, and you may add her on snapchat (@mariamsart).

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