Born and raised in Dubai, Fatma loved creating art since she was a child. At age 8, Fatma learned perspective drawing and shading using graphite. A few years later she started experimenting with watercolors which progressed into her most focused medium today. Fatma has also dabbled in different mediums such as oil colors and acrylics. Additionally, she loves using different surfaces to produce art on such as wood, fabric, or creating wall murals.



This artwork titled “Uncensored” is my perfect portrayal of how passion feels to me. The subject in this piece is painted with hues of pink and purple and is surrounded by butterflies dripping paint all around her. Passion is not a physical sense, nor a sensible matter. Passion is being engulfed in feelings that you cannot describe. Additionally, the subject is looking upwards, as if she is transcending from her own body. When I feel passionate, I feel like I am not in my own body. I feel as though the world is more colorful than it used to be.

Fatma Afghan is currently studying Civil Engineering at the American University of Sharjah and hopes to one day be a well-recognized public figure both in engineering and art industries. You can find her on twitter here and on instagram here.

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